It begins

I have been developing games since around 1999.  Since that time, I have started quite a few game projects while working as a full-time developer for various companies.  I never completed any of them to the point where I was ready to release them but I learned and had a lot of fun.

My most recent game development work was at a company called JVL where I was the lead game developer and created 3 games for their touch-screen game cabinets.  It was a dream job in the sense that I had almost full freedom to experiment and try various algorithms related to game development.  The scope of their games were fairly small so most games were created in pairs (one programmer and one artist).  Unfortunately, a slow  economy resulted in a shift in the company’s focus so I went to work at AMD developing in-house tools.  After working there for 2 years, I lost my job in a round of lay-offs.

And so that’s how this website began.  With the encouragement of my wife and friends, I have decided to take this opportunity and complete my current game and release it.  I tried working as an indie developer way back in 2001 after being laid-off.  It was during the dot bomb days and I thought I had what it took to create my own successful game.  I failed spectacularly, I tried coding my own engine and spent more time doing framework code instead of focusing on my game.  What I ended up with could be called at best, a little tech demo.  But I’m quite a bit older now and have matured a lot as a developer.  It will be interesting to see what all those added years of experience will allow me to achieve.  This time around, I won’t use my custom engine.  I’ve decided that I need to stay away form any framework developing if possible if I really want to focus on finishing a game.  So I’ve decided to purchase the Unity (3.5) engine.  I toyed with it briefly over the last year and found it a terrific engine to quickly iterate ideas.

One new challenge I will have to face is managing my time.  Back in 2001, I could crunch all day and live in my own time zone while I focused on my projects.  I’m now the father of 2 energetic boys so I’ll need to keep my focus balanced between work and family.  One thing I’m adamant about is maintaining or even increase the quality time I spend with my family.  Hopefully I can remain disciplined and motivated be productive during the day and keep my evening free for my family.