Master Of Tea Kung Fu

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Master Of Tea Kung Fu

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Tea Kung Fu is the art of fighting by drawing power from your cup of tea during battle.  It requires quick reflexes, strategy and self control to maximize its full potential.  Become the master of Tea Kung Fu and fight your way past bandits, brawlers, and assassins to perfect your skills and achieve new levels of greatness.

Intuitive Touch Controls

Master of Tea Kung Fu utilizes a tap and swipe control system to quickly block incoming attack chains and perform counter attacks.  Counter attacks can be further countered by enemies to provide quick and satisfying exchanges that go back and forth in rapid succession.  Free form attacks are performed using swipes to attack high, middle or low that can be chained together to perform many unique attack combinations.  Explore them all!

Large Variations of Attacks And Animations

Enemies have multiple unique attack chains that branch out to provide more variety and challenge.  A large set of counter attacks provide more excitement to each encounter and make them feel unique.  Exaggerated facial animations add more impact and personality.

Power moves are unlocked as you progress and allow you to perform powerful attacks.

As a last-ditch effort, you can sacrifice your remaining tea by throwing it in your opponents face and bashing him with your cup.

Vivid and Rich Graphics

Colorful graphics with crisp details provide stunning visuals on your mobile device.

Challenging Mechanics

Easy to play but challenging to master requiring quick reflexes and wise use of your tea.  Drinking tea enhances your abilities and unlocks Power Moves but your cup can only hold so much.  A true master can win without spilling a drop!

No In-App Purchases

Pay once, and all future updates and add-ons come free.