Game Play Videos

Up until now, I have been blogging more about the tasks I have been working on.  I realize I haven’t really explained what my game is about.  It’s a 2D style fighting game where you control a martial arts master who uses the power of tea to fight.  You fight while holding a tea cup and taking sips of tea buffs various stats depending on the tea spices you use to brew your tea.  Additionally, drinking tea builds up your Tea Meter which allows you to execute various Power Moves during battle.  These are strong attacks that cannot be blocked by enemies.  The amount of tea your cup can hold is finite so you can only take so many sips of tea each round.  Each time you get hit, a certain amount of tea also spills out of your cup.  Here is some gameplay footage of the current beta.

This was a fun attack that I added early in the game.  If you’re getting desperate and still have some tea left in your cup, you can throw your tea in your opponents face and bash him with your cup!  Fun times!


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