Character Updates

I finally finished the new head for the player.  This is something I started a while back and worked on it on and off.  It was a real learning experience since I’ve never really modelled a fully animated head before. I’m pretty happy with the results though.  What I did differently this time around was to draw the topology lines on the front and side images of my concepts.  This really helped with modelling.  With the other heads, I wasted hours tweaking my edge loops to try and get a good topology.  I spent a long time painting the texture with cartoony details.  They looked good in Blender but I found that it didn’t fit too well in the game.  I noticed the same issue when I painted some details for the armor pieces.  I put lots of shading and surface details but it just looked out of place.  I ended up having to adjust the contrast and brightness settings heavily to mute the details.  So I started a new texture for the head and kept it very simple.  This looked much better in the game, especially on a mobile device.  The simple texture also allowed me to compress it down in size a lot with no visible compression artefacts!

I wasn’t too happy with the hair from my previous models.  I decided to model more details in the hair this time and use a very simple texture.  Most of the details would come from the light source and shader.  I was really happy with the way this turned out.  I may go back and redo some of the enemy hair meshes later on.

Here is how the head looks in Blender.  I used more bones this time around for better facial animations.

This is what the player looks like in the game, a huge improvement!

I also dedicated some time to finalize the look for the enemies in the game.  There are 6 so far, I hope to have at least 7 or 8.  If the game does well, I plan to add future updates that opens up new areas with new enemies with other abilities (elemental?).

This last week I spent most of my time preparing the game for another beta release.  This required lots of coding with spare time being used to tweak and polish animations.  Now that the beta is out the door, I’d like to prepare some things so I can start posting my game on development forums for feedback.  This is something completely new to me, I follow quite a few development forums but never participated myself.  But it’s something I should try to do regularly.

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