I have been working as a programmer since 1997. It was actually a profession that I stumbled into after realizing that I liked coding while working on my thesis project at the University of Toronto studying Industrial Engineering. I had to do some coding in Microsoft Access and I found that coding was something I really enjoyed doing. After that, I only applied to programming positions despite my lack of experience or education in the subject.

I was able to find my first programming job just as school finished. But on my first day, I was horrified to find that I would be coding in BASIC. I remember dabbing with this way back in high school! I was told during the interview that they coded in a language that was similar to Visual Basic. Obviously, he meant that it was close in name only. So while I was working there, I decided to teach myself more modern languages and C seemed to be very common. C++ was still quite new and I thought that learning C first was the natural way of progressing. It wasn’t long before I realized that you could actually make games with code. Ever since then, game development has almost become an obsession that I do during most of my spare time. I had the opportunity to work as a game programmer for various small companies over the years too. My most recent job was working as a tools developer for AMD in Markham Ontario. I was laid off during a large round of cuts on Oct 2012. With the encouragement of my wife, I decided to focus entirely on working as an indie game developer. It had been something I have always talked about doing and it just seemed like we were in the right place and time, professionally and financially to give it a try. It’s been a fantastic experience so far and I’m amazed at how much I have learned. I’m used to having a very quiet online presence but I decided it would be a good idea to start a blog to help document my journey.