A long overdue update

Over a year has past since I’ve started working as an indie developer and I guess now is a good time to post an update to show what I’ve been working on.  It’s a 2D style fighter for mobile platforms.  The current title is “Master of Tea” but it may change as I get closer to release.  I wanted to make a fighting game with a more zany style and so far I’ve come pretty close to what I’ve achieved.  It’s a fighting game where you take the role of a kung-fu master who drinks tea.  Spices can be used to brew your tea to give you special abilities and power moves.  You fight while holding your favorite tea cup and must choose the right time to sip your tea.  Doing so will ensure the special abilities of the spices you added will take effect.  In addition, drinking tea builds up a meter that allows you to perform various power moves.  I would say the game is probably closer to final beta as all game play mechanics are complete minus tweaks to animation and timing.  The bulk of my time is now play testing and making adjustments to effects, timing and animation.  I have a long list of artwork that needs replacing but everyday I’m making steady progress.

It’s been an exhaustive year but a great learning experience.  I learned an incredible amount during this time.  If I ever decide to do another project after this, I will do many things differently.  But this first project was about learning all the hard lessons early so that future projects will come together faster and with better results.

It’s getting late so I won’t write too much.  But here are some of the latest screens of the game in it’s current state.

A lot of the art is still rough work and will be redone.  The player is still using a very old mesh for the head.  A new one is being developed but it’s taking me a long time since I want to properly model and animate the face for better facial expressions.

For anyone that’s interested, here is a very early screenshot of the game running with prototype artwork.  The game has really changed a lot in the last year.

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