From Above

From Above is my next project in the pipeline.  Development started one week after Master of Tea Kung Fu was released and has progressed far enough to be revealed.  I originally wanted to submit this to last years IGF but it simply wasn’t ready.  It started first as a fast paced action game on a single planet but quickly evolved.


From Above

From Above is a procedurally-generated planetary exploration game. You play as an engineer on a small planet (mother ship) travelling to different galaxies and exploring planets for resources. Resources are gathered using your trusty multi-purpose capsule-bot. These can then be used to upgrade your home planet.  New buildings and factories will allow advancements in technology and weapons for exploring more challenging galaxies.

Galaxy Exploration Using Your Home Planet (Mother ship)

Deploying Capsule-Bot Sequence


  • Procedurally-generated planets, some with inner layers that can be explored
  • Environments that react to local events (shock waves, surface damage, etc…)
  • Upgrade and personalize your home planet (mother ship) adding new weapons and abilities to explore more dangerous galaxies for higher rewards
  • Dangerous creatures that attack you in space and on planet surfaces
  • More to come…

Drilling Down To Inner Layer

During early prototyping, the game used full planets modeled in Blender.  I added land features and props that would be randomly chosen to try and add variety but it just wasn’t working well.  So for the last 5 months, I coded my own procedural planet system.  It’s by far the most interesting thing I’ve worked on and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  It will allow many combinations of land region types each with their own set of parameters to control the type of land feature and foliage they get.

Here’s a video demonstrating the transition from galaxy exploration to planet exploration.

For frequent updates, visit my TIGSource devlog here.